How To Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone?

Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone

These days, video calling has become increasingly popular, with Android and iPhone being the most widely used mainstream smartphone devices in the market.

Making video calls between Android and iPhone is possible but it requires third-party applications. Several methods are available for making video calls between these devices, but none of them involve using FaceTime.

While it would have been great if Apple allowed FaceTime to be used on other platforms, unfortunately, there is currently no way to do so.

Make Video Calls Between Android And iPhone

Thankfully, there are numerous options available to make video calls between Android and iPhones without any compatibility issues. Using an app from Microsoft or Google is one of the easiest and quickest methods for making video calls between these devices.

However, Apple is the only major player that doesn’t offer quality video chatting apps for different platforms. To be honest, once you try one of these alternative apps that work seamlessly on both devices, you may not even miss FaceTime at all.

Video Calls On Google Meet

Google Meet


Google Meet is a popular video conferencing platform developed by Google. Over the past few years, Google has developed some incredible applications, and Google Meet is no exception. Google Meet is formally known as Google Duo. It’s a lightweight and user-friendly app for making video calls between Android and iPhone devices, offering not only excellent video quality but also a stable and reliable video-calling experience.

It allows users to have online meetings, video calls, and group chats with colleagues, friends, and family members from anywhere in the world. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Google Meet has become a go-to option for remote work, online learning, and virtual socializing. The platform offers various features, such as screen sharing, recording, and live captions, making it a versatile tool for all types of online communication needs.

However, I have noticed that sometimes the calls take a little longer to connect, which can be slightly annoying if you’re in a hurry. Nonetheless, it’s not a significant deal-breaker, and you can still have a pleasant, extended chat with your loved ones without any compromises.

Download Google Meet

Download For Android  | Download For iPhone

Video Calls On Skype


Skype is the most popular video calling application across multiple platforms, allowing you to send text messages, and pictures, and make video and audio calls. It’s a multi-platform app, which means you can make video calls across Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhones.

If you want to connect with people beyond Android and iPhone users, Skype is an excellent choice. It enables you to add your favorite friends and family members to separate chat groups.

In terms of video calling, Skype requires a bit more data to provide a stable experience, but that’s also why the video quality is top-notch. However, you do need a stable internet connection to use it effectively.

Older devices may struggle to run Skype smoothly, so if you’re using a four-year-old Android smartphone with an outdated version of Android, you may not have the most seamless experience.

Download Skype

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Video Calls On IMO


IMO is a user-friendly and straightforward video calling app available on both Android and iPhone platforms. The app provides end-to-end encrypted, high-quality video calls, making it a secure and reliable option for users.

One of the app’s most notable features is its ability to facilitate group video calls with family and friends. This feature is not only fun but also useful for holding simple company conferences.

I have personally used IMO to chat with my friends and had a positive experience overall. However, there have been a few instances where the call dropped due to my poor internet connection. That being said, the app works well over 4G LTE connectivity, and the video quality has consistently been excellent throughout my calls.

Download IMO

Download For Android  | Download For iPhone

Video Calls On WhatsApp Messenger

Whats App

WhatsApp Messenger is currently the most widely used messaging app available for Android and iPhone, owned by Facebook. As of 2023, more than a billion people are using it to send instant messages and multimedia files for free.

WhatsApp can automatically identify contacts in your contact list who are also using the app. You can connect with those contacts directly and send SMS, make voice calls, and video calls without any cost.

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption, making it a safe and secure messaging app. The video call quality is excellent, and you can also make group video calls with your friends and family. Additionally, you can share photos, videos, PDFs, and location information directly from your smartphone.

I have been using WhatsApp for two years and have always been satisfied with its quality. It is a reliable app that you can quickly get used to. While WhatsApp works best with a WiFi connection, if you need mobility, you can purchase a 3G or 4G data plan to use the app on the go.

Download WhatsApp Messenger

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I agree that installing an extra app is not a big deal nowadays, especially when it comes to video calling. And I also agree that Google Duo and IMO are great options for simple and easy video calls between Android and iPhones. However, it’s always good to have multiple options, so it’s good to know about the other apps as well. It ultimately depends on the user’s preferences and needs.

How To Make Video Calls Between Android and iPhone?

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