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Best Android App Killer Battery Saver | Free Download 2020

Best Android App Killer Battery Saver is an app that helps you to prevent unwanted apps from hogging up your internal storage, RAM, and CPU. The occasion is not too far when you need to kill an app. And for that time, the Best Android App Killer may prove to be useful.

Some apps are inherently irritating, or they consistently drain your battery without giving you any advantages. So it stands well that you would need to kill them off unceremoniously.

What Is The Best Android App Killer Battery Saver?

The best option to kill an app for Android is the uninstall button. It bodes well to uninstall the app that is hogging up storage space on your smartphone instead of shutting it down. If your device is not rooted, and the app you don’t like is a system app. Then you’ll get no opportunity of uninstalling it.

However, the Best Android App Killer will you to choke the app out of presence. Note that you can’t just uninstall core system apps since that will cause stability issues. And it won’t be as good as you might suspect. Fortunately, manufacturer or carrier bloatware can be killed off without much of a stress with some Best Android App Killer.

Note: These Best Android App Killer are not going to kill an app. They will freeze the app and won’t permit the app to try and talk. If you need to whitelist an app any time, you can un-kill it to wake it back up.

How Does The Best Android App Killer Work?

Android App Killer is an application that works in the background. We usually use too many apps on our Android smartphone. Sometimes we install apps that we don’t use at all or use them occasionally. These apps are hogging up space, RAM, and use extensive CPU power. Thus the battery drains super fast. The Android App Killers look for these apps and shut them down.

Shutting these apps down does not mean that these App Killers put them into complete hibernation. Every application has its own autostart mechanism. They eventually autostart themselves and start using unwanted CPU power and RAM.

But the Best Android App Killer will terminate the app as soon as it triggers the autostart function. Android App Killers also drain the battery but let one app to drain a portion of the battery to stop multiple apps from draining the batter is a fair deal.

Best Android App Killer

Too many App Killers are available in the Google Play Store. But not all of them are Best Android App Killer or even close to decent. You should not randomly try one app after another. That’s why we sort out 5 Best Android App Killer to help you directly. Just read through the article and choose the best app for you.


Greenify is extraordinary compared to other Android apps that can undoubtedly put any Android app to rest with incredible style. It is a genuinely well-planned app with a simple user interface. Perhaps the best thing about this application is its capacity to perceive which apps are consuming resources quickly, particularly for the apps that are pounding the battery life. From that point, you can undoubtedly put irritating apps to rest so that they won’t eat system resources any longer.


Recognizing and putting the old apps into deep hibernation when you are not effectively utilizing them. It causes your device to inhale somewhat more straightforward and the battery life to increase. One incredible thing about Greenify is that the hibernation breaks once you effectively click on the app symbol. And after you finish your work with the app, it returns to hibernation.

Download Greenify

To download Greenify from Google Play Store, follow the app box download link. It will redirect you to your Google Play Store via your default web browser or Play Store app.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free



ShutApp is one of the most favorable task killing app for Android that enables you to close the battery-draining apps quickly. While you can also do that physically, but the closed apps will consequently startup, rendering all that effort pointless. Fortunately, any apps that are closed by ShutApp remain shut and won’t restart right away. The app is additionally fit for closing down system apps, even on the non-rooted devices.


ShutApp also entirely blocks data usage when the smartphone is not in use. So that the social networking apps that are put in the network access list won’t get to the Internet access and swallow your mobile data. The app furthermore enables you to effectively look into which apps are currently running and gives you the option of stopping them with a single tap. You can easily save the essential apps from getting killed by putting them in the whitelist so that ShutApp will not hibernate them.

Download ShutApp

To download ShutApp from Google Play Store, follow the app box download link. It will redirect you to your Google Play Store via your default web browser or Play Store app.

ShutApp: Real Battery Saver
ShutApp: Real Battery Saver

ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager is a helpful application that offers a wide number of features. It helps you to keep your Android free from trash files and more likely better use of your RAM and increasing performance.

ES Task Manager has two optimization features. One is to clean your system, and another is to streamline battery use. This means it will help you to clear all the caches of installed applications and save battery by deactivating power-consuming tools like WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS.

ES Task Manager

It likewise consolidates an itemized report on your device, including memory status, battery life, SD card content, working framework data, and other data about the parts included by default.

All of these features make this application an extraordinary assistant for better battery life, better use of memory, and keeping your phone performing great. It also has some additional features that you’ll need to download to utilize them, including a network file manager or an SD card analysis

Download ES Task Manager

To download ES Task Manager, follow the download link below. As it is not currently available in the Google Play Store, we provide you the Apk of ES Task Manager. This download link will redirect you to Google Drive via your default web browser or Google Drive app.

NameES Task Manager Apk
Size3 MB
Offered ByES Global
Requires Android2.1 and up

Download ES Task Manager

Task Killer

Task Killer is another helpful app that kills battery hungry apps. Directly on the primary screen, you’ll see a summary of apps that are running on your device. On the right side, you’ll see a checkbox that you have to toggle through if you need that specific app gone. After selecting the apps that you consider not deserving of using system resources, you can press the enormous green “Kill Selected” button to terminate them.

Task Killer

In the settings, you’ll discover the option that consequently kills all apps running a set measure of time. So, if you want to terminate the apps after every hour, you can easily do it with this option. In addition, it has an ignore list that enables you to whitelist certain apps that you need to run always. For instance, if you need Facebook Messenger to run continuously, then you can permanently place it in the whitelist.

Download Task Killer

To download Task Killer from Google Play Store, follow the app box download link. It will redirect you to your Google Play Store via your default web browser or Play Store app.

Task Killer
Task Killer
Developer: AndroidRock
Price: Free

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager has an extremely old looking interface. There’s no way to avoid that. Anyway, we are not here because we like the vibes of the best Android app killer. We are here to discover the Best Android App Killer. What’s more, in reality, the Advanced Task Manager resembles a great app killer that only means business.

Advanced Task Manager

All you need to do is, select the apps that you need to execute by the task killer. And press the “kill switch” to unceremoniously terminate them. Advanced Task Manager can auto-start at startup and automatically terminate the apps you selected. This behavior makes this incredible app killer for Android perhaps the best Android app killer in the market.

Download Advanced Task Manager

To download Advanced Task Manager from Google Play Store, follow the app box download link. It will redirect you to your Google Play Store via your default web browser or Play Store app.

Advanced Task Manager
Advanced Task Manager
Price: Free


These are some of the Best Android App Killer Battery Saver that will surely make your work easier. The truth is useless bloatware is annoying. It makes a device slow and uses battery consistently. Which is not good at all. I don’t understand why the carriers or even manufacturers put that bloatware on the smartphone, which isn’t very helpful by any means.

Samsung and other manufacturers are still shipping their software that already comes with Android. Like the browser that comes up with the phone. Who’s going to use these browsers when Google Chrome is already installed. Until the situation is changed, we will need these app killers to do our job.

Tell us, why do you need the Best Android App Killer Battery Saver on your smartphone? Which app are you going to use? Do you have something better than what we recommend? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear it from you.

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