How To Create Best Custom YouTube Thumbnail In 2020?

If you are a new content creator and your platform is YouTube, then you need to know how YouTube works. YouTube is a video-sharing platform owned by Google. When you browse YouTube, you can see videos with different Custom YouTube Thumbnail.

A Custom YouTube Thumbnail is very important when you want to be a professional YouTuber. Content creators are always try hard to do things preciously. When a viewer browses YouTube, the first thing he/she notices is the thumbnail.

The more it looks good, the more you are getting clicks. Without getting clicks, your videos are nothing.

If you want to be a good content creator, then you need to know ‘How To Create Best Custom YouTube Thumbnail?’ Today, we will find out how.

Create Best Custom YouTube Thumbnail

Create Custom Youtube Thumbnail

YouTube video thumbnails are the most important thing to concern for content creators. They work hard for making good quality videos. But the core success beneath somewhere else.

When you visit a book store to purchase books, the first thing you notice is the book cover. Yes, most of the people do that.

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An attractive book cover makes all the difference.

On YouTube, video thumbnails do the same thing. People love eye-catching stuff. Your video thumbnail represents the whole video.

When you visit YouTube, What do you do?

You do not click every video on the page.

Nobody will do that. Most of the people see the thumbnail first and then read the title. If your thumbnail is attractive enough, then 90% of the time you will get the click.

Tools For Best Custom YouTube Thumbnail

If you want to make your own custom thumbnails, then you need proper tools for that. Here are the Top 5 Tools For Making Custom Thumbnails.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  3. GIMP (Free & Open Source)
  4. Canva
  5. PicMaker

What Makes A YouTube Thumbnail Clickable?

First, let’s have a look at what elements can make a thumbnail clickable.

If we analyze the successful YouTubers, we will find that they all follow specific rules to make their videos clickable. Let’s see what kinds of standards they follow, shall we?

Facial Expression

Human expressions are more attractive to people. When a person sees a video thumbnail, the first thing he/she will notice the facial expression of that thumbnail. These types of thumbnails make people curious about the reason behind the expression. And thus end up enticing the viewer to click on the video.

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Custom Thumbnails For YouTube Videos - Fidget Spinner Thumbnail
Fidget Spinner Thumbnail
Expressive YouTube Thumbnail
Expressive YouTube Thumbnail

Big-Bold Text

YouTube thumbnails are displayed in a relatively smaller size. Text is an essential part of a thumbnail. It needs to be displayed correctly. A lot of YouTubers prefer to use Big-Bold Text on their thumbnails.

Best App Thumbnail
Best App Thumbnail
Pushups YouTube Thumbnail
Pushups YouTube Thumbnail

Sticker Effect To The Main Subject

Sticker Effect highlights the main subject of a thumbnail. Many YouTubers use this method to make the subject pop up. It helps the viewers to focus on the main subject easily.

Fitbit Versa YouTube Thumbnail
Fitbit Versa YouTube Thumbnail
Sticker Effect Thumbnail
Sticker Effect Thumbnail

Highlighting Text With Contrasting Colored Overlays

Contrasting text color makes the text stand out on the thumbnail.

Custom Thumbnails For YouTube Videos
Contrasting Color Thumbnail

The image on the left looks dull and less readable. On the other hand, the image on the right looks sharp and clear. Contrasting color can make a big difference when it comes to clarity.

A lot of YouTubers use this awesome hack while creating their clickable thumbnails. Here are a couple of images from two awesome YouTubers.

SEO Guide YouTube Thumbnail
SEO Guide YouTube Thumbnail
Neil Patel YouTube Thumbnail
Neil Patel YouTube Thumbnail

Following the pointers mentioned above will make sure that you have a genuinely clickable YouTube thumbnail.

Final Thoughts

Making a good quality Custom YouTube Thumbnail is never so hard. But most of the time people fail because they don’t know how a thumbnail works. It needs some editing skill in certain editing platform. But without knowing the basics, it is not easy enough to make a good quality thumbnail for YouTube videos.

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Check out this article YouTube Thumbnail Size – Best Way For Beginners. In this article, I have explained what is the standard YouTube Thumbnail Size and how to make thumbnails properly. This also helps you to create great Custom YouTube Thumbnail

Do you think I have missed any other tip to make the Custom YouTube Thumbnail look even cooler? Let us know in the comments  section below

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