Top 5 Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Android

Best Android Launcher

An Android Launcher is an app that helps organize and display content on your Android device screen. It allows you to customize your device’s wallpaper, app organization, and transition effects. Without an Android Launcher, your device would not be able to render any graphics on the screen.

As Android users, we love customization, and having an Android Launcher is essential for that. While most Android devices come with a built-in launcher, not all of them offer flexible customization options. If you want to customize your Android device, then you need to choose the right launcher.

In this article, we will introduce you to our top 5 Android Launchers with the best customization options.

What Is An Android Launcher?

An Android Launcher is a type of application that is responsible for displaying the content on your Android screen. It is not a ROM, which some people may mistake it for, as it only changes the visual appearance and not the entire operating system. In fact, the launcher is an essential part of the Android User Interface, without which you would only see a black screen.

In a similar manner to how Windows uses Explorer, Mac uses Aqua, and Linux uses various desktop environments such as Gnome, KDE Plasma, XFCE, MATE, Cinnamon, and Budgie. An Android launcher serves as the desktop environment for an Android smartphone.

Using a launcher, you can customize your Android smartphone by changing the wallpaper, using widgets, launching apps, and performing tasks using gestures. It provides a high level of flexibility and personalization to Android users.

Top 5 Best Android Launchers

Most Android smartphones come with a built-in Android Launcher, but they often lack the customizability and features that many users desire. This is why we will explore the top 5 best Android Launchers that offer more options for users to personalize their devices.

  • Nova Launcher
  • Poco Launcher
  • Lawnchair Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • Rootless Pixel

Now that we are familiar with the names of the launchers, let’s explore the workings of each launcher in detail.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher stands out among other launchers in terms of its features and customizability. It is a lightweight, responsive, and feature-packed launcher. With Nova Launcher, you can easily customize your phone according to your preferences. It has a clean and simple user interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Nova Launcher offers extensive customization options for your Android phone. It allows you to personalize your Home Screen, App Drawer, Folders, Look & Feel, Night mode, Gestures & Input, and even integrate with Sesame Shortcuts. To access these settings, simply long-press on the home screen and tap the settings icon at the bottom. From there, you can configure the launcher to your liking and create a unique experience on your device.

Download Nova Launcher


Within the Nova Launcher settings, you can customize various elements of your phone’s interface such as the desktop grid, icon layout, padding size, search bar style, wallpaper scrolling, transition effects, page indicator, and color. These options allow for a highly personalized experience tailored to your preferences.


Within Nova Launcher, there are three App Drawer styles available to choose from: Vertical, List, and Horizontal. Personally, I prefer the vertical app drawer as it’s easy to scroll up and down. Adjusting the app drawer’s grid size can help you fit more icons onto your screen. Additionally, the app drawer has a Card Background option that gives it a unique card-like appearance. You can also toggle Frequently Used Apps, Change the Top Bar, Search Bar Style, and Gestures to further customize your experience.


Nova Launcher is a highly customizable launcher that allows you to modify various aspects of your Android device’s user interface, including your Folder preferences. Within the launcher’s settings, you can customize your Folder settings by adjusting the Window Style, which determines the appearance of the Folder window when you open it.

You can also modify the Icon layout of your folders, which refers to the way icons are arranged inside the folder. Additionally, you can customize the Transition Animation, which controls the animation that occurs when you open or close a folder on your device.

Finally, you can also change the Folder Icon Appearance, which allows you to customize the look of the folder icon itself. By modifying these preferences, you can create a highly personalized experience on your device that is tailored to your preferences and needs.


You will have access to a range of customization options for your phone. This includes the ability to change the Icon Style, Screen Orientation, Animation Speed, Scroll Speed, App Animation, Popup Menu, toggle Drop Targets (which shows Uninstall, App Info, and Edit Buttons when dragging and dropping items), as well as the Notification Bar.


The night mode currently available is not a full-fledged night mode. It only applies darker colors to specific properties such as the Search Bar, App Drawer, Drawer Icon, and Folders.


This section allows you to assign different gestures to different actions. You can set gestures such as Swipe up, Swipe down, Double Tap, etc. to perform specific activities of your choice.

Nova Launcher is available in both a free and pro version. The free version has limited customization options, while the pro version offers more advanced features such as gesture controls, customizable icon sizes, App Drawer Groups, Hide Apps, and Custom Icon Swipe Gestures.

However, the free version is a good way to test out the app before deciding whether to upgrade to the pro version. If you find the free version to be useful and want to unlock more customization options, then purchasing the pro version is highly recommended.

Poco Launcher

Poco Launcher is one of my favorite launchers, which was first released with the Pocophone F1. Initially, it had some bugs, but it improved over time through multiple updates. With each update, the launcher has become more polished and lightweight, making it one of the best launchers on the market today. It can help customize your smartphone and give it a fresh look, comparable to even the popular Nova Launcher.

Download Poco Launcher

To access the settings, simply long-press on the home screen and tap on Settings. A mini window will appear, allowing you to modify certain options such as Transition Effects, Default Screen, Fill Empty Cells, Lock Home Screen Layout, and Hide App Icons.

Tapping on the More option will take you to the full settings menu, where you can find additional customization options.


In this section, you can switch between Light and Dark backgrounds, change the Icon Pack, customize the layout, and manage app categories.


This section provides options for customizing the App Drawer, Home Screen, Hiding App Icons, and enabling Double Tap To Lock Screen.

Poco Launcher is a completely free launcher that offers great customization options to make your screen look amazing. I highly recommend giving it a try as it won’t disappoint you.

Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair Launcher is an open-source project developed by volunteers that brings Pixel features to a wider audience. It’s a lightweight launcher that has quickly become popular among Android enthusiasts. The developers regularly add new features to the launcher, and it’s completely free with no ads. Lawnchair Launcher offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to personalize almost everything to your liking. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Download Lawnchair 2


In this section, you can customize your launcher by setting a different Icon Pack, using Pixel icons, changing themes such as Light, Dark, and Black, enabling the Blur effect on different areas, and enabling the Weather option.


In this section, you’ll find an array of customization options, including Searchbar, Desktop, Icon Scale, Widgets, and much more. You can change virtually anything to your liking.


In this section, you can customize the Dock Height, Icon Scale, Transparency, and other options.


You can adjust the number of Rows and Columns to fit the icons in the app drawer. If you don’t like the grid view, there is an option to make the app drawer display as a Vertical List. Additionally, you can change the icon scale, padding, and effects in the app drawer.

If you’re looking for a launcher that offers a Pixel-like experience, then Lawnchair Launcher is definitely worth trying out. It’s fast, snappy, and lightweight, making it a great option for anyone who wants to customize their Android device.

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is an excellent launcher that’s available in the market. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use, with powerful customization options available. The best part is that it’s completely free, and it offers all the options you’d expect to find in a premium launcher. Let’s take a closer look and see how it works.

Download Evie Launcher


In this section of Evie Launcher, you can customize your Home screen by adjusting the Grid Size and Icon Size. You can also toggle various options such as Icon labels, Show search bar on Home screen, Show app drawer hint, Lock Home screen, and Evie Feed. This gives you complete control over the look and feel of your Home screen.


In this section, you can customize the Dock by enabling or disabling it, changing the Icon Size, adjusting the Background Opacity, toggling the Blur Background effect, and showing or hiding Icon Labels. These options give you the ability to personalize your Dock to your liking.


In this section, you can install or choose from custom icon packs to give your Android device a unique and personalized look. This option allows you to change the appearance of app icons and create a cohesive and stylish theme for your home screen.


The Folder section in Evie Launcher provides extra customization options compared to other launchers. You can set the number of columns in a folder, change the icon size, select the folder icon shape, and choose to sort items in folders alphabetically. These options give you greater control over how your folders look and function.


You can assign eight types of gestures.

  • Home Button
  • Double Tap
  • Swipe Up
  • Swipe Down
  • Pinch
  • Expand
  • Two fingers swipe up
  • Two fingers swipe down.


The App Drawer has two Display styles.

  • List
  • Grid

You can change the Columns, Icon Size, and more.


Yes, the Hide Apps feature can be very useful for maintaining the privacy and keeping certain apps away from prying eyes. It’s a great option to have for those who share their device with others or want to keep certain apps hidden from view.

That’s a great recommendation! Evie Launcher is indeed a great choice for those who want a lightweight and customizable launcher with many advanced features.

Rootless Launcher

Rootless Launcher is a minimalistic and lightweight launcher that’s designed to bring the Pixel Launcher experience to non-Pixel devices. While it may not have as many customization options as some of the other launchers we’ve discussed, it’s a great choice for those who want a simple and clean launcher that’s easy on system resources. Additionally, because it’s open-source, users can modify and customize the launcher to their liking.

Download Rootless Launcher


  • A search bar at the bottom
  • Wallpaper-based theme selection
  • Regular Icon Packs
  • Adaptive Icon Packs, such as my Google Icons
  • Icon Shape selection on Android 8.0

Rootless launcher brings the Google Pixel experience to any Android device. It offers a clean and minimalistic interface, similar to what you would find on a Google Pixel device. With Rootless Pixel, you can enjoy features such as swiping up to access the app drawer, Google App integration, and the ability to change icon shape and size.


All of the launchers mentioned in this article are available on the Google Play Store and offer various customization options. Nova Launcher, for example, is a stable and highly customizable launcher that allows you to integrate third-party apps to personalize your phone. On the other hand, Poco Launcher delivers a smooth and seamless experience with a sleek appearance.

Lawnchair Launcher provides a Pixel-like experience while Evie Launcher offers premium features for free. Meanwhile, Rootless Pixel is a great option for older devices that need a boost and a Pixel-inspired interface. It is worth noting that all of the launchers mentioned are free of ads, so you can enjoy a seamless user experience without any annoying pop-ups.

Top 5 Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Android

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