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Every Android smartphone needs a file manager. Though they come with their own file manager, not all of them are equally good enough to do every task efficiently. CX File Explorer is a robust, ads-free file manager app.

It has an intuitive and clean user interface. With CX File Explorer, you can search and manage your files on your smartphone, PC, and cloud storage quickly and easily.

It can do similar kinds of work like Windows Explorer or Finder on Mac or PC.

CX File Explorer

It is an excellent and feature-rich file manager app that advanced users are searching for. When you use this app, you will not feel bloated like other file manager apps do.

It has a built-in storage analyzer that allows users to manage their files and folders efficiently.

Download CX File Explorer

APP NameCx File Explorer
Size5.7 MB
Total Downloads5,000,000+
Offered ByCx File Explorer
Requires Android5.0 and up


Download CX File Explorer Apk

You can download the app from the Google Play Store. Click on the download button and it will open your Google Play app or redirect you to the Google Play Store app page where you can download the app.

Cx File Explorer
Cx File Explorer
Developer: Cx File Explorer
Price: Free

CX File Explorer Features

Let’s have a quick look at the CX file explorer features. We can divide the features of this app in two ways. The core file management features of the app and the other key features make this file manager the best.


Core File Management Features

This file explorer has all the essential features that you would like to anticipate in a file manager application. I could say that it does a great job when it comes to usability, insight, and effectiveness. Here are a few of the Core File Management Features to indicate:

Files and Folders Search: Just tap the three-dot icon at the top right corner and tap on the search. Enter your search query and hit the search icon of your keyboard to start to see the results. The search query will be highlighting as blue text in the result.

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Cut, Copy, Paste, and Compress: You can either long-press the file or folder or tap the tiny square icon on the right to select it. You can go for multiple folders and documents, and at precisely the same time you can Cut, Copy, Paste, and also Compress your chosen items.

Built-In Audio Player, Image Viewer, Text Editor, and Archive Viewer: CX File Explorer has some convenient tools built-in that make works a lot easier. With Text Editor, you can examine or edit nearly any text file you desire. The Archive Viewer is indeed very practical in that you don’t want any other app to compress or decompress files and folders. The built-in Audio Player and also Image Viewer are also come in handy if you would like to start to see the data temporarily.

File-Sharing: With CX File Explorer you can share files and folders via CX, Bluetooth, or other sharing tools installed on your device.

See Hidden Files and Folders: You can Hide and also Unhide the hidden files and folders with CX File Explorer easily. Tap on the view icon at the upper right corner and tap on “Show hidden files.”

Key Features

Let’s talk about some key features that CX File Explorer APP has.

Easy to Organize documents and folders: With a user-friendly UI, you can browse easily, move, copy, compress, rename, extract, delete, create and share files (folders) on both internal and external storage of your mobile device.

Access files in cloud storage: You can easily configure your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box account and easily manage your cloud files.

Access files in NAS (Network-attached storage space): You can access data files within remote control or shared storage space like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN. You can also access your smartphone from PC using FTP(File Transfer Protocol).

Manage applications: You can easily manage all the applications installed on your smartphone. You can open, backup, uninstall, or even share apps in different ways.

Analyze and manage storage space: It provides visualized storage analysis to enable you to scan the available storage space and maintain it quickly. It has a built-in Recycle bin that also can help you to manage your storage precisely.

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Material Design interface: CX File Explorer uses the Material Design interface. Which makes it clean and lightweight. Material Design provides much flexibility and a clearer interface, which is making the CX File Manager good.

User Interface

The user interface of CX File Explorer is very much user friendly and nice looking. Let’s see how the app looks.

CX File Explorer User Interface

UI Elements

If you see these three screenshots, you can clearly say how clean and minimalistic design it is. The UI elements are colorful and vibrant. I like the aqua blue and white color combination of this app personally. Looks fresh and pleasant to the eyes. Icons are rounded and colorful, which fits very well.

Nice and Clean

The UI is very friendly and clean. Everything well placed and organized. The color contrast is excellent, and the smoothness is mind-blowing. This app feels snappy when it comes to UI transition.

Easy Access

CX File Explorer provides easy access to files and folders. You can see the storage status at the upper portion and the tab at the bottom. This tab makes the work so easy when you want to view media files or connect to the network.

Storage Analysis

Storage Analysis Window

Storage Analysis is elegant and clean. Everything is well organized. You can manage your media files, large files, and cache files efficiently and effectively.

Connect To The Network

CX File Explorer Network Connection Interface

You can easily connect to your cloud services and remote servers. You can use this file manager to access your mobile storage from a PC with just one tap via FTP under the same network.

No Ads

Ads are annoying. Extensive ads ruin the user experience. But CX File Explorer comes with no ads. Therefore, the whole interface looks nice and clean.


Here go some frequent questions asked by the users about CX. The answers are also given shortly here if you have more query then comment below here.

What Is CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer is a powerful and ad-free file manager app with a clean user interface. With this app, you can easily browse and manage your files on your smartphone, PC, and Cloud storage.

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Who Makes CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer file manager app is offered by the CX File Explorer team. If you want to contact them here is the email address of the Developer- [email protected]

How To Connect CX File Explorer With PC?

Connecting CX File Explorer with PC is very easy. Connect your PC and your smartphone from the same wifi connection. Or connect your PC directly with your mobile hotspot. Then,
1. Open CX File Explorer
2. Go to the Network tab.
3. Tap on Access from PC
4. Set a Port Number. (Random or Manual)
5. Tap on Start Service
6. Enter the FTP:// address showing on CX File Explorer to your Windows Explorer address bar and enter.
Your device is now connected and all your files can be accessed from your PC.

How To Retrieve A Video Deleted With CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer has a Recycle Bin option built-in. If you accidentally delete any file, you can retrieve it from the inbuilt Recycle Bin. If a video deleted with this app, then don’t worry. Just go to the Local tab and tap on Recycle Bin. Your deleted video will be there.


There are lots of other file manager apps available in the Play Store. But CX File Explorer is unique. No ads, No Bloated Features, No Complexity, Easy File Access, All Nice and Clean.

In the end, My recommendation for this file manager is pretty straight forward. It is beautiful and clean, has all core features available, secure file access both local and cloud, built-in Audio Player, Image Viewer, Text Editor, and Archive Viewer. It has everything that a complete file manager app needs. If you are searching for a file manager app that has a sleek and simple user interface with full features, CX File Explorer will be the best choice.

Have you tried CX File Explorer? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. I use Cx File Explorer to access my NAS server as well as my OneDrive and GoogleDrive.
    I cannot determine a way to remove a previously added Network device (in this case a share on my NAS server) on my non-touch screen Chromebook. Can you help me?


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