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ES File Explorer Apk is a well-known file manager app for Android. If you are using an Android smartphone, then you probably need a file manager to manage all your files. Today we will talk about ES File Explorer Apk and how to download and use ES File Explorer For Windows 10.

Is ES File Explorer Apk the best File Manager for Android? Let’s Find Out.


ES File Explorer Apk is a free, feature productive android file manager. With over 300 million global downloads and 30+ language support, ES File Explorer Apk manages to stay on top of Google Play.

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It is a compelling app with all the essential functionalities of a file manager, but besides this, it also has application manager, task killer, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, SugarSync, Yandex, Amazon S3, Ubuntu One and more), FTP client, and LAN Samba client. ES also provides access to pictures, music, video, documents, and other files on both Android devices and computers.

It is quite powerful compared to other Android file managers exist in Google Play.

Download ES File Explorer Apk

NameES File Explorer Apk
Size20 MB
Offered ByES Global
Requires Android1.6 and up


Download ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer For Windows 10

Are you looking for ES File Explorer For Windows 10 to Download? Then you are in the right place. We will discuss the full process of setting ES File Explorer For Windows 10 here. Just follow the easy steps –

  • First download Bluestack on your PC. Then install the software on your PC.
  • Download the latest APK, click on the APK file and it will simply install the APK file.

Download ES File Explorer Apk

Download Bluestack Latest

Then you will have ES File Explorer For Windows 10. If you face “installation blocked” error, then please allow the unknown resource installation on your mobile settings.

ES File Explorer Apk is a great app for Android. For more info about ES File Explorer For Windows 10 and installation, you can check the video given below.

You can also see the android installation of the ES File Explorer For Windows 10 on this video.


ES File Explorer Apk has a straight forward interface that enables you to find your files easily. It’s cumbersome UI but at the same time also very useful.

ES File Explorer Apk User Interface

Action Panel Button, Tab Panel, Search bar, and Additional Menu Button are stack on the top. Below that, there are Storage Option and Space Analyzer. In the middle, various useful shortcuts available to easily manage files and folders. Pretty straight forward. On the bottom, you can find new files created on your device. You can hide or unhide it by tapping the eye icon.

The setting area of ES File Explorer Apk is pretty clean. Everything is placing nice and well. The most useful thing is that it has options to set up each function individually, which brings flexibility and customization.

Core File Management Features of ES File Explorer Apk

Based on my experience with other File Management apps, ES File Explorer Apk has all the essential features that you want to expect in a file explorer application. I can say that it did a great job in terms of usability, insight, and efficiency. Here are some of the Core File Management Features to point out:

1. Real-time Files & Folders Search

When you type in the search box, the results are updating with each character in your input. Suitable for searching lost files or simply navigating to a file buried under various layers of folders.

2. Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename & Compress

If you long-press, you can select multiple files and folders and at the same time manage activity on them all.

3. Encrypt & Decrypt

ES File Explorer Apk has built-in Encryption & Decryption functions to make your files secure. You can use your e-mail for password recovery if you forget your password. Nice!

4. Built-In Media Player, Image Browser, Note Editor & Zip Viewer

ES File Explorer Apk has some handy tools built-in that make work a lot easier. Especially the Note Editor & Zip Viewer. With Note Editor you can read or edit almost any file you want. The Zip Viewer is so powerful that you don’t need any other application to compress or decompress files and folders. The built-in Media Player & Image Browser also comes in handy if you want to see the data temporarily.

5. File Sharing

With ES File Explorer Apk you can easily share files and folders via ES, LAN, Bluetooth or other sharing tools. Pretty handy right?

6. Hide Files & Folders

You can easily Hide & Unhide files and folders with ES File Explorer. Just long-press the files and folders to select them, tap on the More icon, and press Hide. That’s it, and you successfully hide your files and folders. To see your hidden files and folder, go ahead and tap the action panel then tap on the “Hide List” to see your hidden files and folders.

Additional Features of ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer is good enough to manage files and folders easily, but it has some other functions which are also come in handy when someone needs something more than a file explorer. Here are some of the Additional Features to point out:

1. Download Manager

ES has its download manager. Which is not that bad but also not that good either. But it’s there, and you can download files from the web with this.

2. Storage Analyzer

Storage Analyzer works like disk cleanup in Windows. It analyzes the device that you can safely delete, including junk files, old APK files, unnecessary files, and huge files. It’s a nifty way to free up plenty of waste space on your SD card or Internal Storage.

3. Cache Cleaner

You can quickly clear all the cached data stored on your device to free up space. You can also set it up to clean the cache automatically when you exit ES.

4. Root Explorer

If your device is rooted, then this feature can help you in a lot of ways. You can install multiple APK files at once or uninstall multiple apps at once. You can also Backup apps and data, uninstall system apps, manage startup applications, browse system-level files and folders, modify and change file system permissions.

5. Password Protection

Although it’s optional, you can consider setting up a password to access the ES application itself or at least a password to access networked files.

6. Cloud Storage Integration

ES has built-in cloud storage integration that enables you to manage your cloud files easily. You can connect with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, SugarSync, Yandex, Amazon S3, Ubuntu One, and more.

7. Backup & Restore

ES can create backups of separate folders or your entire file system. These backups, which are essentially just zip files, can be password protected or not. Restoration of this backup is also easy as well.

8. Recycle Bin

ES has a built-in recycle bin option. It helps you to restore deleted files. If you enable this feature, it will keep your deleted files in the recycle bin so that if you accidentally delete files or you need your deleted files back, you can restore them quickly. Keep in mind that you have to remove your data from the recycle bin to free up space completely.

Problems and Drawbacks of ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer has some problems and drawbacks.

1. Bloated with Unnecessary Features

The most common complaint in Play Store reviews for ES File Explorer Apk is bloated with unnecessary features. If you want an app that only handles files, you should look elsewhere. I think that the additional features can be ignored and don’t impact performance.

2. Free Version is mostly massive on ads

I could not run into any banner ads, which was great, and I never saw any pop-up ads, which was even better. But you will receive ads embedded in various areas such as the System Analyzer results page. I find them tolerable, but your thoughts may vary. Annoying status bar notification can also be disabled in the settings.


Because of these two disadvantages, many people recommend that you do not use ES File Explorer Apk. It’s a little too hard if you ask me, but It offers a lot of power and flexibility for a free application. But if you can find a comparable app without these obstacles, don’t hesitate, go for it.

The Pro version of ES File Explorer Apk removes ads, lets you change themes, and skip NOMEDIA files for just $ 2.99. (Currently Not Available in Playstore). But you can download it from here.

In the end, My recommendation for ES File Explorer Apk tends to be random, because it depends on your tolerance to ads. But I recommend you try for a few days and see how you like it. You may find that the inconvenience does not bother you much, in which case ES File Explorer can be an excellent application.

So what do you think about ES File Explorer? Does it deserve its excellent Play Store rating, or is there another app that you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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