How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos In 2020?

WhatsApp is a Freeware, Cross-Platform Messaging, and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It’s a very popular messaging app. It allows users to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share photos and videos with their friends and family.

WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos is a fun part. You can share your Photos and Videos through WhatsApp Status for a 24 hour time period. Anything you share in WhatsApp Status will be available for 24 hours. So, if you want to save any WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos then you have to do it within this 24 hours time limit.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos

What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp Status is an option the share Videos and Photos with friends for a limited period of time. Its videos and Photos are getting more popular. It helps you to share images and videos with folks that use the messaging provider.

WhatsApp is emerging as a ubiquitous social media platform all over the world. It was once an app where you can chat with humans, but a couple of years ago, it added a feature referred to as WhatsApp Status.

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That is quite much like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, in which the things you upload get removed after 24 hours.

How To Create a WhatsApp Status?

Creating a WhatsApp Status is very easy. Go to the ‘Status’ tab and tap on the Edit or Camera button on the bottom right corner. If you want to share only text then tap on the Edit button. Or if you want to share Images or Videos then you should tap the camera button.

WhatsApp Status Update

Tapping on the camera button will open up the camera. Swipe up to see the gallery, choose photos, and videos, and you can add stickers, text, handwriting, and share them with friends.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos

In case you want to view someone else’s status, then you can try this by way of going to the Status tab on WhatsApp. However what if you need to store it? Well, if you have an Android phone, then you will be excited to know that you can save Videos and Photographs by following these steps indexed below.

We have often found many hilarious Status videos that we can save using this method. It is a useful thing to understand. But, if you need to store someone else’s Status, then we urge you to take permission from the person before doing so.

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Saving Process

The complete process requires a file manager on your Android phone. You can use any file manager, but the steps may vary. To make things easy, we used the Google Files app for this tutorial. You can download and install it from Google Play easily.

Now, follow these steps to store WhatsApp Status videos on your Android smartphone:

  1. Open Google Files app to your Android smartphone, and click on the hamburger icon present on the top-left, and tap Settings.
  2. Also, if you’re using a Pixel smartphone, then open the Files app, click on the 3-dots icon on the top-right, and tap Settings.
  3. Now, enable show hidden files. On Pixel smartphones, you need to permit Show Internal Storage.
  4. Now pass returned to the Files app’s primary menu and tap Internal storage.
  5. Now visit the WhatsApp folder > Media > ‘.Statuses’.
  6. To save a video or a photo, long-press on it and tap copy. Now paste the file in any folder you choose within the smartphone’s internal storage.

By following those steps, you’ll be capable of keep any photograph or video that became set as someone’s WhatsApp status. This method helps you to save any WhatsApp status even though you opened it more than 24 hours ago.

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We’re going to remind you once more to, please let someone know if you’re saving/ sharing their WhatsApp Status Photos or Videos.

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