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I-CAM App For PC | I-CAM+ Latest Version

If you are looking for the i-Cam app for PC then you are in the right place. i-Cam is a security camera app for Android and iOS. This app is used for monitoring security cameras, managing video clips, remote access, and live view. As you might know, most of the Playstore and Appstore apps are not available for Windows.

i-Cam is no exception. But there is a workaround to use these apps on PC. If you want to install the i-Cam app then you can follow this tutorial. I am going to show you how you can easily set up the i-Cam app for PC.

What Is The i-Cam And i-Cam+ App?

i-Cam and i-Cam+ are security camera apps for Android and iOS developed by Maxwell Wang. You can use this app to create a great surveillance system on your smartphone. i-Cam app supports wake on LAN, PIR cameras, key phone calls, answering support lock screen, real-time two-way voice and video viewing, video query, and playback.

i-Cam+ can give your direct live video feed from your security cameras. It supports various security features including snapshots and AT face recognition. it can deliver live view H.264 720p/1080p up to 30 fps, dual-way audio, remote parameter setting, remote query alert, and playback, WiFi doorbell, WiFi battery camera, 4G wireless battery camera, solar WiFi/4G wireless camera, and panoramic camera.

i-Cam+ is the advanced version of the i-Cam app. It offers a lot of extra features that the i-Cam does not have. To use the i-Cam plus, you need to register a new user account. The i-Cam+ app has a very user-friendly UI to manage your cameras, videos, and album.

Difference Between i-Cam And i-Cam+

Both apps can do the basic stuff. But i-Cam plus offers a wider range of features than i-Cam. The following table is the feature list of i-Cam and i-Cam Plus.

Support user register and binding device to user accountWake on LAN
Support power-saving mode and remote wakeupSupport PIR and key phone call
Support TF recording and cloud recording videoAnswering support lock screen
Support notification with a snapshotSupport real-time two-way voice and video viewing
Support notification with AI face recognizationSupport video query and playback
Live view H.264 720P/1080P up to 30FPS
Dual way audio
Remote Parameter setting
Remote query alert and playback
Support WiFi doorbell
Support WiFi battery camera
Support 4G wireless battery camera
Support Solar WiFi/4G wireless camera
Support Panoramic camera

i-Cam And i-Cam+ Free Download For PC

Downloading the icam app is very easy. To download i-Cam, you can use the following download button. It will open up the Google Play Store where you can download the apk.

Developer: Maxwell Wang
Price: Free

If you want to download the i-Cam Plus then click the download button below. It will open up the Google Play Store where you can download the apk.

Developer: Maxwell Wang
Price: Free

In order to use i-Cam or i-Cam+, you need to download the BlueStacks Android Emulator. Click the download button below to download BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Download BlueStacks

Note: You need to download this Apk file from the BlueStacks Android Emulator.

How to Install i-Cam App For PC?

Installing the i-Cam App on your PC is very easy. You need to download the BlueStacks Android Emulator file from the download link mentioned above.

Now follow the steps to Install the i-Cam App For PC.

Step 1. Download BlueStacks Emulator on your PC.

Step 2. Install BlueStacks Emulator by launching the installer you have downloaded.

Step 3. Open the BlueStacks Emulator and Download the i-Cam Apk file from BlueStacks Emulator.

Step 4. Install the i-Cam Apk file.

Step 5. Now launch the i-Cam from the BlueStacks Launcher and enjoy it.

Congratulations! You can now use the i-Cam App For PC.

Note: For Mac users, download the Mac OS version of BlueStacks.

i-Cam App Install Via NOX PLAYER

If you are using Nox on your computer then you do not need to install Bluestacks. You can enjoy running the i-Cam app for PC by downloading the APK file only.


If you have not set up Nox yet you can try it by following the steps below-

Step 1. Download the NOX Emulator on your PC. The official site of the Nox player is given below.

BIG NOX PLAYER 2022 for Windows

Step 2. Install NOX Emulator by launching the installer you have downloaded.

Step 3. Open the Nox Emulator and Download the i-Cam Apk file.

Step 4. Install the i-Cam App Apk file.

Step 5. Now launch the i-Cam App from the Nox Launcher and enjoy it.

Congratulations! You can now use the i-Cam App for PC via your Nox Player for free!

How To Use iCam App For PC?

After installing the i-Cam app using the emulator, you can use it normally as you do on your Android smartphone. Follow the steps below to connect to the camera and complete the setup.

Step 1. Launch the i-Cam app.

Step 2. It will ask permission for the camera, microphone, and storage. Give it access and allow autostart.

Step 3. Click on ‘Add a device’

i-Cam App 01

Step 4. Click on ‘Setup Device’ if you want to set up a new device, or relocate to a new Wi-Fi network. Click on ‘Scan QR code’ if you want to add a device shared by others. Or you can add 4G devices by clicking on the ‘Add 4G device’ button. I am going to use ‘Setup Device’.

i-Cam App 02

Step 5. Power on the device and wait for the voice prompt. Check for whether the blue light is blinking. Click on ‘Yes’ to continue.

i-Cam App 03

Step 6. Connect to Wi-Fi and Search for the device connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

i-Cam App 04

Step 7. After finding the device, add the device to access the camera.

i-Cam App 05


There you have it. You can now use the i-Cam app on your PC. If you are facing any trouble during the setup process, feel free to ask in the comment section below. And if you find this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share this with your friends and on social media.

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