Incognito Mode Android & iOS | 5 Benefits You Should Know

Sometimes we need to browse the web without saving any history for various reasons.  Clearing cache and history manually are annoying. In this scenario, Incognito Mode comes handy. This allows you to browse the web with fresh data and at the same time no history is recorded.

Incognito Mode is a feature of modern web browsers. Incognito Mode Android (Chrome), InPrivate (IE & Edge), Private Window (Firefox) are all the same.

It helps you to browse the web without storing any internet history, session, cache, or cookies.

Incognito Mode Android

What is Incognito Mode Android?

As I said, Incognito mode, InPrivate, or Private Window are all the same. It is a feature of a Web browser that avoids saving of any browsing history. Usually, any text, images, and cookies needed by the website will be stored locally on your Android & iPhone when you visit any web page.

Furthermore, any searches or filled out forms can be stored in autocomplete areas. It forgets or does not store this information when you close the browser window.

What Is Incognito Mode Used For?

You can use Incognito Mode in various ways. As it doesn’t store any history, cache, or cookies, you can do your secret work without any trace on your computer or smartphone. It is helpful when you use a public computer. You should not let other people know what you are doing on the internet.

If you are using your friend’s computer or smartphone and you need to check your email account or sign in to a website, you will need it for that reason. It will help you to do the work without messing up your friend’s browser cookies or settings.

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How Does Incognito Mode Work?

As we all know that, every modern web browsers have Incognito Mode and they all work in the same manner. It helps you to browse the internet without storing any data like cache and cookies that are necessary to run a website. But it doesn’t mean that it does not use cache and cookies. It uses those cache and cookies, but when you close the browser, they are gone.

Some people believe that private browsing makes them anonymous on the web. This is a very common misconception. If you download a file, made a purchase, or book a trip, the records still exist. Closing an incognito window will not delete the downloaded file, or clear the purchase record from your bank account.

It will not hide your IP addresses, and your ISP still can track you. If you do something illegal on the web, there is a good chance it will be traced right back to you anyways.

Benefits Of Incognito Mode

Benefits of Incognito Mode

1. No Saved Cookies

Incognito Mode Android & iOS has some excellent usage. When you use your regular web browser, it saves all the cache, cookies, and history from all the web pages you surfed. These cookies will track your preferences and sell ads to you.

If you browse through Private Browsing Mode, then the existing cookies will not affect your browsing session. Your browser will download the latest cache and cookies and give you the updated page.

2. No Browsing History

As Incognito Mode does not record your browsing history, you will not need to clear your browsing history manually every time. If you do not want to record the history of your browsing, then you should go incognito.

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3. Access Multiple Accounts At The Same Time

You can use Private Browsing Mode if you want to use multiple accounts at the same time. Just fire up a private window and start browsing. It will not affect your main account while making changes in the second account.

4. Use Other’s Device Without Saving History

Many times come in life when you forget to bring your smartphone or laptop, or your device ran out of battery, and you need to check your email or social media.

If you want to login to your Gmail or Facebook from a device that you do not own, then you should go Incognito Mode. It will help you quickly browse the internet without leaving anything left on the device.

Using another person’s device for personal use is always risky. Do not think Incognito will hide your information. Always close the window before leaving. The cookies will be deleted only when the browsing window gets closed.

5. Fresh Webpages

Cached webpages are not usually show updated data. If you visit a webpage very often, then there is a chance of not getting an updated page. Incognito Mode helps you to download fresh data from the server and serves you fresh webpages.

How To Enable Incognito Mode Android In Chrome?

Google Chrome for PC has incognito mode shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+N). It is easy to turn on google incognito mode on PC. Enabling Incognito Mode Chrome is also very easy.

  • Open Chrome
  • Tap on the Verticle three-dot Button
  • Then tap on New incognito tab
  • Now you will see a black window pops up saying You’ve gone incognito

Chrome Incognito Mode

How To Enable Incognito Mode In iPhone/Safari?

Private browsing on iPhone works just like other browsers. To enable private mode on safari

  • Open Safari from Home screen.
  • Tap on the Tab View button on the lower right corner
  • Now tap on Private and press Done.

Safari Private Browsing iPhone iPad

Now you are in private browsing mode. Browse the web without storing any data on your iPhone or iPad.

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How To Turn Off Incognito Mode Android & iOS?

Turn off Incognito Mode or Private Browsing Mode is not a complicated process. How to disable incognito mode? Follow the process-

If you are on Chrome, then you will see two types of tabs. One is white, and the other one is grey. The grey tabs are incognito windows. Close these tabs to exit the Incognito Mode.

And if you are on the iPhone Safari browser then go to tab view and press the Private button to deactivate private browsing mode and press done.

Turning off incognito mode on other web browsers is very much the same process. Closing any private window will exit the incognito mode.


Private browsing is a modern feature. It is a beneficial feature that enables many possibilities. If you want to browse the web without storing any records on your computer or smartphone, you can do it.

However, it can only delete the local temporary internet files. It will not eliminate any activities that you made on a website.

Your ISP can still track you even though you are browsing InPrivate because you do not go completely anonymous. But it is still beneficial.

So, What do you think about Incognito Mode Android & iOS? Do you use Private Browsing? Why do you use Private Browsing? Is it helpful or just a useless feature? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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