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KineMaster Pro Apk Download is ready to bring all the premium features of KineMaster Pro for free.

KineMaster Pro Apk is a modded version of the original KineMaster Pro. It is a versatile video editing tool for Android. If you want to post videos on YouTube or Facebook, and you don’t have PC or Mac to edit your videos. Then you should try KineMaster.

KineMaster is a potent feature-rich video editing tool that helps you to prepare your videos for your YouTube Channel and any other social media platform. It has lots of amazing features to make everything super easy. You don’t have to learn many things to use it. Its user-friendly interface and premium in-app features will make everything done.

KineMaster Pro Apk Download

KineMaster is a free application available on the Play Store. The free version will let you edit your videos without the premium features and put a watermark on your videos. As we all know, good things don’t always come as free. There is some price to pay. To use KineMaster to its full potential, you need to use its premium features, which costs you nearly $4.99/month or $39.99/annual.

But today, we are giving you the magic of KineMaster for free by providing a direct link to our KineMaster Pro Apk Download. This APK is modded and unlocks KineMaster’s premium features so that you can edit your videos without spending a penny.

So Let’s begin, shall we?

Free Download KineMaster Pro Apk

NameKinemaster Pro Apk
Size64 MB
Modded Versionv4.11.16.14372.GP
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
Mod FeaturesFully Unlocked + No Watermark
Requires Android5.0 and up


Free Download KineMaster Pro Apk

This KineMaster Pro Apk Download is fully tested. You don’t need to worry about it. Our site posts only valid APKs after testing them several times. We check every premium features, security issues, and bugs. If it passes the tests, then we make it available for you.

Download KineMaster From Google Play Store

You can also download the free version of KineMaster from Google Play Store. The free version has some basic functions and consists of ads and a watermark. If you are happy with ads and watermarks on your videos, you can easily use KineMaster Free. Or if you want to buy it, then you can do it also. The download link is given below. Click on the download button or the icon and it will redirect you to the Google Play Store page where you can download KineMaster – Video Editor, Video Maker.

What Is KineMaster?

KineMaster Pro Apk logo

KineMaster is a professional, feature-rich video editing app for Android. It has a variety of video editing functions like background change by using chroma key, voice-over, multiple video layer, and so on.

Using our KineMaster Pro Apk, you can create and edit your videos right from your Android device.  Also, It will help you to create videos for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and vlogging to get more user interaction.

KineMaster was 1st launched in December 2013 for Android by NexStreaming. Within two years, it achieves to reach out to nearly 6M+ users, and it is increasing day by day. KineMaster has 100M+ downloads and 4.4/5.0 ratings on Play Store, which proves how popular this application is!

As I said earlier, KineMaster is a free application where you can use some normal functions for free. But if you need some premium features, then you have to buy their premium membership plan.

What Is KineMaster Pro Apk?

This KineMaster Pro Apk Download is the modded version of the official KineMaster app. In this app, you can enjoy all the premium features like Chroma Key, Multiple Video Layers, Speed Control, and many others for free. The Watermark feature is also unlocked, which means you can make entirely professional videos without being worried about the boring KineMaster Watermark on your videos.

With KineMaster Pro Apk Download, you can:

  • Create professional-quality videos from your Android device
  • Use Premium Assets
  • Blend two videos easily
  • Give voice-over to any of your videos
  • Add multiple layers
  • Save videos in 4K, 1080P, 720P
  • Remove object background using Chroma Key
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There is a massive list of what you can do with KineMaster Pro Apk. I just had mentioned some essential features.

You can create some awesome videos with KineMaster Pro by using its amazing features and share them with your friends on social media. Without spending a penny thanks to our modded version of KineMaster Pro.

Features Of KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro is a fully-featured application which will surely help you to make awesome videos for social platform or YouTube. Even though you do not have any video editing experience, you can produce some excellent video content. Below I am highlighting the features of KineMaster that will help you to find out what you need and what you will get.

Let’s begin, shall we?


  • Multi-layers Media Support (Video, Images, Stickers, Special Effects, Text, and Handwriting)
  • Reverse Videos
  • Blending Modes
  • Add Voice-overs, Background Music, Voice Changers, and Sound Effects
  • Editing Tools (Trim, Splice, and Crop)
  • Chroma Key (Green Screen)
  • The Asset Store (Music, Cip Graphics, Fonts, Stickers, Transitions, and more)
  • Speed Control (Time-lapse and Slow-motion Effects)
  • EQ Presets, Ducking, and Volume Envelope Tools
  • Keyframe Animation Tool
  • Export 4K 2160p Video at 30FPS
  • Different Color Filters
  • Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, and more

Let’s Talk About Some Important Features

Multi-Layers Media

KineMaster Pro Apk Multi Layer

If you want to add some texts, images, gifs, or another video of your timeline, then you surely need this feature. With this feature, you can use unlimited media layers to create unique videos.

This is a premium feature. But with this KineMaster Pro APK Download, you can use it for free. Remember, if you want to add video layers, then it depends on your device. When you Run Analysis, KineMaster checks for your device performance and tells you the maximum Export quality and Video Layers you can use depending on the resolution.

How To Use Multi-Layers Media Feature:

  • Open Kinemaster Pro (Modded Apk Version).
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and choose an aspect ratio of the project.
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ and select your base media file.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Layer’ and select the ‘Media.’
  • Choose your file that you want to use as a layer.

This Multi-Layer feature supports both videos and images. By using this feature, you can use any greenscreen video.

Reverse Videos

KineMaster Pro Apk Reverse Videos

This feature will reverse your video clip from the end to start. This option will give your video a unique look. Use this when you need to play a clip backward.

How To Use Reverse Videos Feature:

  • Open Kinemaster Pro (Modded Apk Version).
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and choose an aspect ratio of the project.
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ and open your media file.
  • Select the media clip from the timeline.
  • Tap on Reverse from the menu.

This option will reverse the entire video clip, including the sound.

Blending Modes

KineMaster Pro Apk Blending Modes

This Blending Modes option is a cool feature. KineMaster has several blending modes. These modes help your layer to interact with other layers differently to create impressive effects. If you use text, images, gifs, or stickers, this blending option will make these layers look cool. Only Normal and Overlay are available for free. But with our KineMaster Pro Apk Download, you can use all the blending modes like Multiply, Screen, Soft Light, Hard Light, Lighten, Darken, and Color Burn. That’s awesome!

How To Use Blending Modes Feature:

  • Open Kinemaster Pro (Modded Apk Version).
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and choose an aspect ratio of the project.
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ and open your media file.
  • Select your layer from the timeline.
  • Tap on Blending.
  • Select your desire Blending Mode.

These blending modes will sometimes help you to edit less, especially for images or texts. So, use this feature when you need it.

Chroma Key

KineMaster Pro Apk Chroma Key

This Chroma Key is a stunning feature on KineMaster Pro. This feature takes KineMaster to the next level. Chroma Key is a feature that works with greenscreen. You can use any green screen video clip and change the background of it. It is beneficial when you need to use various VFX effects on the background.

How To Use Chroma Key:

  • Open Kinemaster Pro (Modded Apk Version).
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and choose an aspect ratio of the project.
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ and select your background media.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Layer’ and select the ‘Media.’
  • Choose your green screen video clip.
  • Now tap on your green screen video clip on the timeline.
  • Now scroll the menu and find Chroma Key.
  • Enable it, set Key Color, and adjust foreground and background.
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This chroma key option does not work with the primary media. It only works with layer media. So keep in mind that you have to use your greenscreen content as a layer over the original content.


KineMaster has three types of animations for video clips, Gifs, Text, Handwriting, and Stickers.

  1. In Animation
  2. Overall Animation
  3. Out Animation

These three animations are essential and useful. These will give your video a unique look and make your content great.

How To Use Animations:

  • Open Kinemaster Pro (Modded Apk Version).
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and choose an aspect ratio of the project.
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ and select your background media.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Layer’ and select your layer type (Media, Overlay, Text, or Handwriting).
  • Now tap on the layer and set the animations from the menu.

These animations are handy and give your video an impressive look. Use this wisely to make your content great.

Speed Control

Speed Control is a cool feature. If you love slow-motion videos, then this option will be beneficial to you. You can easily add slow-motion effects in your videos.

By using this speed control feature, you can quickly slow down or fast forward a clip according to your needs.

If you want to change the speed of some regions of your video clip, you can do it with our KineMaster Pro app.

How To Use Speed Control:

  • Open Kinemaster Pro (Modded Apk Version).
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and choose an aspect ratio of the project.
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ and open your video file.
  • Now, select your video from the timeline.
  • Tap on ‘Speed Control’ from the menu.
  • Set your speed limit according to your choice.

With our KineMaster Pro app, you can set the speed limit of 0.25x up to 16x.

Asset Store

KineMaster Pro Apk Asset Store

The KineMaster Asset Store provides various types of music, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, and more to enhance your videos. These items are premium and only available for KineMaster Pro. Asset Store contains Featured Items, Effects, Transitions, Fonts, Overlays, Stickers, and Audio.

  • Featured Items: It displays the featured items from all other categories on the KineMaster Asset Store.
  • Effects: All the premium effects are available for free in the Asset Store. Now you can apply them in your items on the timeline to change the style of the layer.
  • Transitions: It can be applied between two items on the Primary Timeline. Note that only devices with video layer support may use transitions.
  • Fonts:  You can download various types of fonts from the Asser Store to create unique videos.
  • Overlays: It includes still stickers and animated overlays. Stickers are images that can be placed in a layer. Animated overlays are gifs.
  • Audio: This section is divided into 2 parts, sound effects, and music. You can use this music to video background.

KineMaster Pro Apk Download will bring it to you for free. So enjoy!

No Watermark

KineMaster Pro Apk No Watermark

The most annoying part of the free version is the Watermark on the video. Every single video will have the KineMaster Watermark in the free version. That’s why professional video editors do not use the free version of any video editing software. If you want to remove this Watermark, then you have to buy their subscription plan.

But in our modded KineMaster Pro Apk Download, the Watermark is removed. You will not face any problem like this. We permanently removed the Watermark from the app.

This means whenever you export any video edited with our KineMaster Pro app, it will be free from any watermark.

Export High-Resolution Videos

High-Resolution quality videos are a must for professional video editing. With our modded KineMaster Pro, you can create quality videos and export them in high-resolution.

If you are a YouTuber who wants to upload 4K videos on your YouTube channel, then you can do it easily without any hassle.

Check out the below table for a better understanding of how exporting works.

Video ResolutionFrame Rate
QHD 1440p30 fps
FHD 1080p25 fps (PAL)
HD 720p24 fps (Cinema)
SD 540p15

How to export videos in maximum quality:

  • After finishing your video editing, click on the share icon from the left side.
  • Now choose your desired resolution and frame rate.
  • Use the slider to set your suitable bitrate.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Export’ button.
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Some Other Features

Below are some other features you may like also.

  • Full-screen mode
  • Preinstalled transitions
  • Different aspect ratio
  • All types of layer support
  • Multiple audio track support

Kinemaster Pro Apk Download And Install


To download any application from AndroNeed is very easy and straight forward. You need to know a little bit about Android to download KineMaster Pro Apk. If you don’t know how to download and install KineMaster Pro APK from AndroNeed, then you can read below the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. First, Click on the above ‘Click here to download‘ link, and you will be redirected to our KineMaster Pro Apk download page, where you can download the APK.

Step 2. Download the APK by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

Step 3. Open the file manager app and find the downloaded APK. If this is your first time installing an APK from the file manager, then it may show a warning like this (Shown on the image above).

Step 4. Click on ‘Settings’ and turn on the ‘Allow from this source’ option.

If you don’t see anything like this, then simply skip these steps.

Step 5. Go back and install the APK. This time it will install without anything showing up.

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed KineMaster app before installing this one. Otherwise, it will show ‘Application not installed.

Kinemaster Pro Tutorial


Well, I know that there are hundreds of questions running in your mind regarding this modded KineMaster Pro Apk. People ask me a lot of questions, and I am trying to answer some of them below, which I think should be answered. I hope that these answers will clear your doubts. If you still have any queries, you can comment below, and I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Is KineMaster Pro Apk Download safe to use?

Yes, it is safe, 100% for sure. You will not face any security issues while using it. As I said earlier in this topic that we post only valid APKs after testing them several times. So you don’t need to worry about any security issues. Just download and enjoy it!

How can I remove the Watermark?

This modded APK is the premium version of KineMaster Pro. So, the Watermark is already removed. You don’t need to do anything.

I am facing issues while exporting. What should I do?

Try to troubleshoot the following things:

  • Check whether the KineMaster Pro APK is the latest mod or not.
  • Don’t run a screen recording app while exporting.
  • Check whether your device supports export configs by navigating to Settings > Device Capability Information.
  • Check for any major or minor issues in the edited video.

Do I need to pay for it?

Of course not. It is a free premium version of KineMaster Pro. This APK is modded and no need to pay a single penny. All premium features are available for free. Just download and enjoy it!

Does KineMaster support 4K video Editing?

KineMaster Pro is fully capable of 4K video editing. But make sure your device supports 4K video editing.

Will this KineMaster Pro APK Download work on IOS?

No. This KineMaster Pro APK will not work on IOS. It is only for Android devices running Android 5.0+.

What are the supported formats?

  • Video formats:
    • .mp4 (MPEG-4 Video) (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC)
    • .3gp (3rd Generation Partnership Project) (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC)
    • .mov (MP4 Format From Apple) (H.264 + AAC LC, only on devices where MOV video format is played in a native gallery)
  • Audio formats:
    • .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
    • .m4a (MPEG 4 Audio)
    • .aac (Advanced Audio Coding)
  • Image formats:
    • .jpg (Joint Photographic Experts Group – JPEG)
    • .png (Portable Network Graphics)
  • Real-time video and audio recording


This is it, guys. I hope you have found the latest KineMaster Pro Apk Download. Now you can edit and create professional videos with premium tools. KineMaster Pro is the best video editing tool out there. With this, you can do what you want.

If you like this KineMaster Pro Modded APK, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who love editing videos. Or if you have any questions regarding this KineMaster Pro Mod, then you can comment below. I would love to help you to solve your problems. That’s it for today. Stay safe, peace.

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