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Lookout Premium Apk | Free Lookout Mobile Security 2022

Are you looking for Lookout Premium APK? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the ins and outs of the Lookout Mobile Security APP. The Lookout APP review will lead you to get the premium version of this best mobile antivirus for free.

So, let’s dig into the Lookout APP Review first then find the Lookout Premium APK free download. Here is a note to take that the premium version we mentioned here is only for trying purposes, no commercial or business purposes. If you like the premium version you should buy the app.

Lookout Premium Apk Free Download

As you are still in this post, this means you are searching for Lookout Premium Apk Free Download, obviously. Lookout Mobile Security is one of the Best Mobile Security Apps out there. It provides Breach Report and Identity Protection, the newest security services to protect your identity and restore your identity even it gets stolen.

Lookout Premium Apk provides all sorts of security protection. It has Safe Wi-Fi protection, System Advisor, Identity Theft Protection, Identity Restoration & Insurance, Find My Phone, and more. Lookout Security & Antivirus Premium provides all the basic and advanced level protection for your Android smartphone.

NameLookout Premium Apk
Size14 MB
Modded Versionv10.31.2
Offered ByLookout Mobile Security
Mod FeaturesPremium
Requires Android4.4 and up

Download Lookout Premium Apk

Note: Some devices require root access to activate the Premium License. If the Lookout Premium Apk Patch is unable to activate the Lookout Premium Apk, then you will need a rooted device to run it.

Download From Google Play Store

If you want to download Lookout Mobile Security from Google Play Store then you can find the download link here. It may redirect you to your Google Play Store via your default web browser.

How to Install Lookout Premium Apk and Patch?

Follow these steps to properly install Lookout Premium Apk and Patch.

Step 1. Download the Mod version of Lookout Premium Apk and Lookout Premium Apk Patch.

Step 2. Uninstall the Google Play Store version of Lookout if it is installed on your Android smartphone.

Step 3. Open the file manager app. Navigate to the download folder and tap on the Lookout Premium Apk. If this is your first time installing an APK from the file manager, then it may show a warning like this.

lookout premium apk installation

Step 4. Click on ‘Settings’ and turn on the ‘Allow from this source’ option. If you don’t see anything like this, then simply skip this step.

Step 5. Go back and install the APK. Now it will install without any warning.

Step 6. Now, install the Lookout Premium Apk Patch and open it.

Step 7. Patch the Lookout Security & Antivirus

Step 8. Enjoy 😀

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed Lookout before installing this one. Otherwise, it will showApplication not installed.

What is Lookout Security & Antivirus?

Lookout is a decent security app for Android. It is an antivirus program for Android that provides multiple security functions to secure your android smartphone. In the basic free version of the Lookout app, you will get App security, System Advisor, and Locate options.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

But in the premium version, you will get additional security options like Safe Browsing, Privacy Advisor, Safe Wi-Fi, Theft Alerts, lock & Wipe, and Breach Report.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Features of Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is a feature-rich security application for Android. If you install it for the first time, it will provide the basic features like App Security, System Advisor, and Locate. Once you purchase the Lookout Premium Apk, you will get the full potential of the app. The Lookout Premium Apk offers security options like Safe Browsing, Privacy Advisor, Safe Wi-Fi, Theft Protection, and Identity Protection.

Basic Features of Lookout

Basic Features are available for free in Lookout. If you use the free version of Lookout, you will not be disappointed. These basic features are helpful and powerful enough to make your Android secure.

App Security

App security is available for free. This feature scans the whole system for potentially harmful applications installed on your device. If you use any third-party application that has unknown signing or security issues, Lookout will grab that and present it to you. You can then take any necessary action you need.

System Advisor

System Advisor is a free feature that was recently introduced to Lookout. It periodically checks the system for root detections to ensure the proper functioning of the Android OS. This feature is helpful if you have rooted your device.

Locate My Phone

If you use the free version of Lookout. then you can locate your phone from the web portal at personal.lookout.com and make it “SCREAM”. Locating a phone from the web portal takes around two minutes where other security apps take much less time. However, the “SCREAM” command is much more responsive and start the alarm in just a couple of seconds.

The web portal is also pretty simple with a full-screen map and a bunch of buttons for various functionalities. The Lookout offers one final feature to its free users. If your phone’s battery runs out and about to die, the feature called “Signal Flare” records the last location of your phone and posts it to the web portal.

lookout premium apk features

Premium Features of Lookout Premium Apk

Lookout Premium Apk brings come exciting and useful features. These features make your phone more secure and safe to use.

Safe Browsing

Lookout has a very useful feature to browse the web safely. The built-in VPN – a virtual private network service that can run constantly without stopping. Though it does not offer customizability like other VPN services, it does keep you on the safe side.

Privacy Adviser

Lookout Premium Apk Privacy Adviser helps you to find and identify which apps have access to your data and what hardware components they use. Lookout Premium Apk breaks down these into several categories and helps you to know which apps are accessing your personal data.

Tapping into a category will show a list of apps that are using the component, for example, your Camera, Location, or Something else.

But, it does not show you whether an app is actually using these permissions or not which is a drawback. Tap on an app and tap on “MANAGE PERMISSIONS” will open the App Info and there you will see what permissions are actually granted for the particular application.

Safe Wi-Fi

The safe Wi-Fi feature scans your current Wi-fi network for threats. It checks whether any suspicious activity is going on or not.

Anti-Theft Protection

Anti-Theft Protection is a premium feature with lots of functions. You can remotely lock your phone or completely wipe it out. The lock command lets you add an email address, phone number, and a custom message to display it on the lock screen for anyone who finds it. The scream command also works within a couple of seconds after sending the command.

Lookout Premium Apk also has some triggers that will make your phone email you with a photo captured from the front-facing camera and the location of the device. These triggers are multiple failed passcode attempts, Airplane Mode turned on, SIM card eject, turning off the device, and lookout being uninstalled.

Breach Report

Breach Report is a handy feature. It basically has two parts. The first one looks and identifies breaches of any service of an app installed on your phone. And the second one is a news feed where Lookout prepares a list of the latest breaches and instructions on how to handle them.

Lookout Mobile Security Login

Lookout Mobile Security Login is required when you want to access the web portal. When you install Lookout for the first time, you will be required an account to activate the Lookout Premium Apk.

Lookout Mobile Security Login

Signup for a new account or login if you have an account already. When you want to visit personal.lookout.com, the Lookout Mobile Security Login is required.

Personal Verdict

Lookout Security & Antivirus is a decent Security app. But every app has some pros and cons. We noticed some advantages and drawbacks during our testing.

Pros and Cons of Lookout:

Strong Identity-Protection OptionMinimal Free Features
Solid User InterfaceInsubstantial Malware-Protection Test Data
No Tech Support Via Telephone or Chat
Heavy System Management & Slow Scans


This’s it for today. I hope you have found the latest Lookout Premium Apk. This security app is a great mobile security application. It works perfectly and effectively.

If you like this Lookout Premium Apk, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who want to secure their Android smartphones. Or if you have any questions regarding this Lookout Premium Apk, then you can comment below. We would love to help you to solve your problems. Stay safe, peace.

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