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Poweramp Mod Apk [FULL][LATEST] Free Download 2022

Who doesn’t love to listen to music! If you are a music lover and looking for the #1 paid music player for Android, then Poweramp Mod Apk would be your smart choice. Poweramp Music Player is a versatile music player app that allows you to listen to your favorite songs with a smart equalizer and many other options.

Music is a powerful thing. It moves us, relaxes us, and many times inspires us to do great things. That’s why we bring you the #1 paid music player for free. It will give you the ultimate fun and joy while you listen to your favorite music.

What Is Poweramp Music Player?

Poweramp Music Player is the most powerful music player available for android. It is the #1 paid music player app in the market. It has a lot of exciting features that will surely move you.

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It has features like gapless play, great crossfade, an ultimate equalization system, and support for the most popular music file formats. Over 2+ million users agree that Poweramp brings the best just for $4.99.

It offers 15 days trial for the full version. You can download the free trial version from Google Play Store (download link is given below) and enjoy the best music player.

What Is Poweramp Mod Apk?

Poweramp Mod Apk is the patched version of the original Poweramp Music Player. It offers an unlocked version with all the features available for free.

Poweramp Mod Apk makes the original app available for free. You can download this Mod Apk from the download link given below or you can purchase the app from Google Play Store. The choice is yours.

Download Poweramp Mod Apk

Poweramp Mod Apk Download is updated on our site. The link here provided is uploaded on a high-speed server. All you need to download the APK file and install it on your mobile. If there is an error that occurred just allow the unknown source installation.

NamePoweramp Mod Apk
Size7.00 MB
Modded Versionv3.853
Offered ByMax MP
Mod FeaturesFully Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and Up

Download Poweramp Mod

Poweramp Mod Apk Features

This Modded Apk of Poweramp brings all the pro features of Poweramp Music Player. The mod features are –

  • No Trial Period
  • Fully Unlocked
  • Free

Download Poweramp From Google Play

There is a free trial version of Poweramp Music Player in the Google Play Store. You can try out the full-featured Poweramp for 15 days. Just click the download link or the icon. It will open your Google Play or redirect you to Google Play Store where you can download Poweramp Music Player on your Android.

Features Of Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a feature-rich music player app. The core features of Poweramp are given below.

Features Poweramp Mod Apk [FULL][LATEST] Free Download 2022

Music Formats

Poweramp can play all most every music format files like mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff. Poweramp V3 also plays opus, dsd (dff/dsf), mka, tak, flv (audio).

Graphical Equalizer

Poweramp has 10 bands optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, and custom presets.

Bass and Treble adjustment

Poweramp has separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment. You can set the Bass and Treble by your choice.

Stereo expansion, mono mixing, balance, tempo control, reverb, system MusicFX (where supported by the device) are available.

Android Auto

Poweramp supports Android Auto. You can integrate Poweramp with your can through Android Auto to listen to your favorite music on the go.

Google Assistant Support

Poweramp also supports Google Assistant. You can use Google Assistant to interact with Poweramp.

Chromecast Support

Chromecast Support helps you to connect Poweramp to your Chromecast to play music on your TV.


Poweramp supports m3u/pls HTTP streams. You can stream your songs with this streaming support.


Visualization is a great thing for a music player. It attracts the eyes of a human being. Poweramp has nice visualization support.

Custom Theme

Poweramp supports Custom Themes. You can easily give your Poweramp a new look by your choice.

Other Features

Poweramp has many other features like

  • crossfade
  • unique Direct Volume Control (DVC) for extended dynamic range and really deep bass
  • crossfade
  • gapless
  • replay gain
  • dynamic queue
  • lyrics support
  • widgets
  • lock screen options
  • headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection
  • ultrafast library scan

What’s New

Poweramp v3 is a major update focused on the new Audio engine, UI, and navigation.

New Audio Engine

  • Support for hi-res output (For Supported Device).
  • New DSP, including updated Equalizer/Tone/Stereo Expand, and the new Reverb/Tempo effects.
  • Internal 64bit processing.
  • New configurable per-output Options.
  • New configurable Resampler, Dither options.
  • opus, tak, mka, dsd dsf/dff file formats support.
  • Gapless smoothing.
  • 30/50/100 volume levels (Settings/Audio/Advanced Tweaks).

New UI

  • Visualizations (supporting .milk presets and spectrum).
  • The new “wave” seek bar, can be also static via Skin options.
  • Light and Dark skins included both with Pro Buttons and Static Seekbar options.
  • New notifications.
  • New menus, panels, popups, dialogs, etc.
  • As previously, 3rd party skins are available (v2 skins are not compatible).

New Navigation

  • Pull down or click album art to go to the current playing list.
  • As previously, swipe album art for the next/previous track, drag more for category change (applies also to the bottom mini player).
  • Use the bottom mini player to return to the main UI or to change tracks.
  • Swipe left/right from lists for fast return.
  • Pinch to zoom in lists.
  • Long press on the item for the selection menu.

How To Install Poweramp Mod Apk?

The installation process is very easy. You don’t need to do anything fancy. Just follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Download the Poweramp Music Player from the above download link.

Step 2. If any version of Poweramp Music Player is installed on your Android smartphone, uninstall it.

Step 3. Go to the file manager app and navigate to the download folder. Find the zip file and extract the Poweramp Mod Apk. Click the file to install it. You may come up with a warning like this if it is a first-time installation from an unknown source.

For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.

Step 4. Click on ‘Settings’ and turn on the ‘Allow from this source’ option. If you don’t see anything like this, then simply skip the step.

Step 5. Install the APK and it will install normally.

Note: You must uninstall any previously installed Poweramp Music Player before installing this one. Otherwise, it will show ‘Application not installed.’

Pros And Cons


We all know that every application has some good and bad sides based on its features. Considering fewer cons, Poweramp Music Player will amaze you much than other free Music Player Apps.

1. Highly Customizable
2. Compatible With Many File Types
3. Great Equalizer Effects
4. Feature-rich
5. Fantastic Sound Quality With Many Adjustments
6. Variety of Polished features
7. Variety for Shuffle
8. Free 15 Days Trial
1. No DLNA Support
2. Only Free For 15 Days
3. Only Able To Plays One Cloud File At A Time
4. Only Plays From The Cloud Via The Cloud


That’s it for today. I hope you will enjoy using Poweramp Mod Apk. This is a great Music Player application that works perfectly and effectively.

If you like this Poweramp Music Player, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who want to use Poweramp Music Player on their Android. Or if you have any questions regarding this Poweramp Mod Apk, then you can comment below. We would love to help you to solve your problems. Stay safe, peace.

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