Soundhound for PC Windows 10, 7 & Mac | Free Download 2021

Looking for how to download SoundHound for PC? You are in the right place. Today we will discuss SoundHound for PC Windows 10. Get SoundHound on PC and enjoy the exclusive features of the sound hound app.

When hearing any song or track on Radio or TV, sometimes we want to know the Artist or Album name of that track. Or, it can happen sometimes that, we forget about the Artist of a popular or frequently listening song.

This failure of remembering is going to end by using SoundHound.

Soundhound for PC

What is SoundHound?

SoundhoundSoundHound is basically an application that will help you in remembering any music or track name or artist and other details from any live stream. When you are listening to any song and can’t remember the title or artist’s name SoundHound APP can help you there.

It works by inputting the sound of a specific song or track and analyze with its recognizing engine and provide you the details of that specific song/track. The procedure or works of SoundHound is also simple.

Let’s discuss more how actually the app works…

How SoundHound works?

Are you familiar with YouTube content ID detection? Or do you ever think about how they identify copy content from thousands of content? It’s all by the content recognization method. Like other services of detection, SoundHound also recognizes any song/track by listening to it.

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Soundhound for PC Windows 10

And then after processing, it provides you the details of the sound. You can do many extra things by SoundHound, besides recognizing any song.

Features of SoundHound on PC

Music Recognition: SoundHound identify the music playing around you. Run the application tap on the identify button and let to hear the music.

Music Identifying: The first and most exclusive feature of the app is that it can identify the music around you in a second! You just need to press on the identify button while hearing any music or any desired music playing around you. After pressing the identify button SoundHound will do the rest work for you. The processing time for this is also quick and smoother.

Lyrics of Any Song: SoundHound’s one of the best features is getting lyrics for any live music. When you find a song by this app, you also search for the lyrics of the song. Just need to press get lyrics from the app and it will do search the lyrics for you. Isn’t it interesting?

soundhound lyrics

Social Media Posts: SoundHound also provide all the latest social posts of your favorite artist in this app. You followed favorites artists’ wall will be updated to you from social media!

News About Music: In this app, other extra features is that you can also get news about music and artist in SoundHound. The most recent artist, favorite artist, and recent search of yours also can be found on this app. If you are a music lover you are going to like this app surely.

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SoundHound APK Download

You can get the APK file of SoundHound from our site. Or if you want you can also download or install the app from Google Play Store.


How to Download SoundHound for PC

Downloading SoundHound for PC Windows 10 or Windows 7 is really easy. If you are looking for “how to download SoundHound for PC”, the answer is just following the steps below.

Step 1. First, you need to download and set up the Android Best Emulator “Bluestacks“. If you have already Bluestacks installed on your PC. You need not install it just skip the steps and go to step 3.

Download Bluestacks Latest

Step 2. After downloading the installation file, just click it to set up like other PC software and you got Bluestacks on your PC.

Step 3. Open the Bluestaks Emulator and on the search box top right corner of the screen. Click on there and search for SoundHound by typing “SoundHound”.

Step 4. You will get a popup window with the search result containing the app. Click on the install button and it will be installed in your emulator.

Step 5. Now you will have SoundHound on your homepage of Bluestacks, open it, and enjoy!

SoundHound for PC Windows 10

For Windows 10, you can also get the SoundHound APP from Microsoft Store, as it is available on the Microsoft store now.

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If you are looking at SoundHound for PC Windows 10, the download link from the store is just here. The cost for this installation is fully free!

The direct download link of this app is here-

Developer: ‪SoundHound Inc.‬
Price: Free

How to Download SoundHound for MAC

For MAC, the procedure is about the same. All you need is to set up the Bluestacks Emulator on your Mac. If you have it installed on your mac earlier then just follow the steps mention above.

Or you can also just get the APK file and import it to any Android emulator you have and install the whole app. Then you can open and enjoy the SoundHound for MAC from there.


In conclusion, we should say that SoundHound is an amazing app for everyone connected with music or media. When you are in a doubt or bet with any music/song details or name or artist, SoundHound can help you better than Google or other search engines.

You do not need to write the song line just open the app and let it hear the song for you and you are set! The app will do the rest with some other features like- lyrics of the song/music or artist details and many more. SoundHound for PC Windows 10, SoundHound for PC or MAC, all are in a common installation. Hope that you like this post. Share this with your friends who are searching for something amazing like this.

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